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Event Details

Name: Light up a Life

Date: 8 Dec 2018

Location: Longcauseway Church, Dewsbury, WF13 1NH

Light up a Life

Christmas is a very special time of year when people often remember, reflect and celebrate the lives of loved ones. At Kirkwood Hospice, thousands of people come together every December as part of our Light up a Life Appeal to remember people they love by dedicating a light in their honour on our Tree of Lights.

You may want to remember someone who has died and is forever in your thoughts. Or, you can remember someone living away from home who you may be missing as the year draws to a close.

This year we will once again hold two special ceremonies in our grounds at the Hospice on consecutive days; Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December at 4.30pm. These outdoor ceremonies will be ticketed (free admission, with 400 tickets available for each event).

A third event, an indoor service, will take place at the Longcauseway Church, Dewsbury, on Saturday 8th December at 12noon.

If you would like to remember someone special, please click here to tell us to whom you would like to dedicate your light, and which event you would like to attend. At all three events, a Tree of Lights will be illuminated – each light on the tree representing a loved one being remembered.

To find out more about this year's Light up a Life or to make a dedication, please click here or call: 01484 557911


Why I'm supporting Light up a Life - Conor Mahoney

“Last September, I was 17 years old and happily attending Wakefield College. It was during this month that we received the awful news that my step-mum, Kae, had a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Our lives suddenly changed overnight.

“After her diagnosis, Kae’s condition declined rapidly. We received continuous bad news and by the turn of the year, it was apparent that Kae had very little time left. She finally lost her battle at Kirkwood Hospice on Tuesday 27th March 2018. She was only 44 years young.

“I’m very thankful to Kirkwood for the 5 days that Kae spent at the Hospice. It was the best possible place for her to die. I was overwhelmed with the love and care that was shown to us all, which will stay with me forever. At Kirkwood, it’s not just the doctors and nurses who care for you; everybody else does too.

“Whilst Kae was at the Hospice, we realised that she would not make it to her next birthday, which was due the following month. Before she became really poorly, Kae had hoped to celebrate her birthday one final time and she had even planned her party, which would have taken place at a pub in Huddersfield. The theme for the party would have been Alice in Wonderland because Kae always loved to dress up.

Kae Mahoney


“Unfortunately, we knew now that this wasn’t going to be possible. My dad and Trish, Kae’s mum, were talking about this one afternoon when a cleaner was in the room carrying out her duties. The cleaner overheard the conversation about how Kae had so desperately wanted one final birthday.

“Before we knew it, we were informed that the Hospice would organise a birthday party for Kae so that one of her final wishes could be fulfilled. So, we had a party for Kae the following day. The catering team organised a buffet for us and around 20 of Kae’s closest family and friends visited the Hospice to have one final party with her. By this stage, Kae was very poorly and she wasn’t able to open her eyes. However, I know that she was aware of all these people around her who loved her very much. This was all made possible because a cleaner at the Hospice had overheard a conversation.

“Kae was someone who I really looked up to. I could talk to her about anything and her approach to life had a massive influence on me. I miss her terribly. I’ll never forget how Kirkwood looked after us all during a really traumatic time. Christmas was a time that Kae loved and this Christmas will be our first one without her. It will be a difficult time but I look forward to taking part in Light up a Life this year to remember my amazing step-mum.”

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