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17 Jul 2017 Community

30 Miles for 30 Years

Local Mirfield man runs 30 miles in one day in an impressive fundraising mission in support of Kirkwood Hospice

Huddersfield resident and Kirkwood ambassador and fundraiser, Andy Wright, set himself the challenge this Saturday of running 30 miles in a single day to mark the Hospice’s 30th Anniversary.

The run, which is part of Andy’s mammoth 5,000 miles in five years challenge, took the scenic route around beautiful Kirklees countryside and made flying visits to 12 of the Hospice shops.

Starting the journey in Huddersfield town centre and winding its way round a 2,833 feet ascent, Andy stopped off in Marsh, Lindley, Slaithwaite, Milnsbridge, Marsden, Meltham, Holmfirth, Honley, Kirkburton, Almondbury and Waterloo shops before reaching the final finish line at the Hospice in Dalton.

Old friends, running enthusiasts, Hospice staff and people of all ages and abilities kept 50-year-old Andy company along the way taking on a leg or two and even Kirkwood Hospice Chief Executive, Michael Crowther, joined in on the action taking on the Kirkburton to Dalton stint.

Making a flying visit to Kirkwood’s Trail Run supporters, The Woodman Inn, not even a wedding taking place could outshine Andy’s glory.

The community made sure there was a warm reception every step of the way, greeting Andy at each shop stopping point with a fanfare of party poppers, horns, window displays and even a toast break in Holmfirth!

Maggie Oddy, Marsden Shop Manager, was keen for her team to support Andy on his amazing quest and made sure to put on an extra special display for the runner’s arrival.

She said: “We’ve all got really behind it. It’s nice for the shops to get physically involved in something and it’s well worth it because he’s done a fantastic job and he is doing a fantastic job in everything he does. This is only a little part of it.”

After a tough 30 miles, the support didn’t stop there as Hospice staff, Trustees and proud family and friends of Andy’s lined the streets of Dalton for his arrival, greeting him at the finish line with a home-made medal and much needed celebration refreshments kindly donated by Almondbury Co-op.

On completion of the incredible 30 miles for 30 years challenge, a physical and personal journey, Andy tells us the tales of the day and explains what the cause means to him.

He said: “Today went absolutely perfectly. The weather was perfect and I had far more people run with me than I ever expected and that was fantastic.

“The hardest stretch was from Holmfirth to Kirkburton but knowing that I had the support of friends along the way, mentally really helped a lot and made it so much easier.

"It was great to share the whole day with people and lovely to have so much support. I really do appreciate it." Andy Wright

“I was so excited when we got to the top of the hill in Honley that I actually took the time to take a picture and tweet because as far as I was concerned, that was the pinnacle of it all really.

“The shops all did a fantastic job with their window displays and it was so nice to get a warm welcome everywhere we went. It was great to share the whole day with people and lovely to have so much support. I really do appreciate it.

“For me, today was not just about raising money but also about raising awareness and the profile of the Hospice which, with everything we’ve done, I hope we’ve achieved.”

If you want to support Andy in his 5,000 Mile Challenge, please click here.

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