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18 Dec 2019 Community

A fantastic year of support from Cummins Turbo Technologies

Here are some of the amazing things Cummins Turbo Technologies are doing to support Kirkwood Hospice!

Kirkwood wouldn’t be here without the generous support of the local community. This year, Kirkwood has received a massive amount of support from the Huddersfield based company, Cummins Turbo Technologies.

Over the last 12 months, Cummins have sent 153 employees out to help Kirkwood either in the garden or the charity shops, equating to 820 hours donated.

In addition to this, departments hold their own fundraisers and take on mini projects to help their local hospice. Here are just a couple…

In November, Facilities Co-ordinator Sue Wood welcomed a donation of seven bird boxes for the Hospice garden.

Jack, Joss and Sue in the Kirkwood garden


The project, set out over a number of weeks, saw members of the Cummins team make the boxes to encourage wildlife into the gardens.

Cummins’ Jack and Joss, representing the HR & Training Department, paid a visit to Kirkwood with the bird boxes.

Sue said: “The Hospice endeavours to always to encourage wildlife into the garden to benefit the environment and patients’ wellbeing. 

“This small project is only one of many Cummins employees assist Kirkwood with over the last year and would like to say a huge thank you for their ongoing support.”

Employees also recently organised a coffee morning to raise money for both Kirkwood and Macmillan and raised a staggering £900 for their local hospice, with local Unite Union also donating £100 taking the total to £1,000.

Those involved in making the coffee morning a huge success were; Philomena Gaffney, Helen Neary, Melanie Reid , Kirsty Martin, Pam Sykes, Faye Donnelly, Lauren Hellewell, Natalie Kata and Ricky Yau.

The Cummins' team presenting Kirkwood nurses with the money raised


Cummins’ Pam Sykes said: “Kirkwood Hospice is invaluable to the Huddersfield and surrounding area and we are all immensely grateful for the service and support provided by you all.

“We split the proceeds of the monies raised and apportioned yourselves the lion’s share of £900. Also Unite Union, who have many members within Cummins also kindly donated cheque for £100 to this event and again decision to make yourselves the recipient.

“I know that Cummins have supported Kirkwood for many years on various projects however we have for a few years now been holding an annual cake sale in the Oasis Area of Main Plant Huddersfield (supported by many other colleagues throughout the Site who baked and/or purchased), initially in response and support of the Macmillan cake day.

“However this year, we decided to hold the event in several areas in order to optimise funds and then split the proceeds with yourselves, for the simple reason that you are local and that several colleagues have needed the excellent service and support provided by yourselves.  We will continue to support you both, again with the lion’s share to yourselves.”

Back in May, Kirkwood was delighted to receive the Recognition of Excellence at the Cummins Awards

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