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18 Apr 2019 Care

A visit from Victor

Caroline is currently a patient on Kirkwood’s In-Patient Unit and on Wednesday, she had a lovely surprise as her beloved cat, Victor, came to visit for the day.

Caroline was filled with joy when her sister, Yvonne, and brother-in-law, Peter, paid her a surprise visit with her furry pet, Victor.

Caroline rescued Victor when he was only six months old from Heronbank Cat Rescue, Batley. Now three years old, Victor is an important part of Caroline’s life and she was deeply saddened at how long she’d gone without seeing her much-loved cat.

Caroline and Victor


Caroline was admitted to Kirkwood’s In-Patient Unit on Tuesday 9th April after having been at Sheffield Hospital for the last four weeks.

After telling a volunteer at Kirkwood how much she missed her pet, having him visit has really made an impact on Caroline’s time here and she feels a piece of home was brought to Kirkwood.

Caroline said: “It’s been really lovely having him visit.”

Yvonne, Caroline, Peter and Victor


Yvonne added: “He’s usually quite shy with people but he’s been fine here, he must have got used to people over the last few weeks.”

Victor was definitely pleased to see his owner and showed no interest in exploring his new surroundings as he sat purring away next to Caroline from the moment he arrived!

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