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4 Oct 2019 Community

Amazing 9-year-old organises bake sale in memory of his Grandpa

9-year-old Dylan Jenkins, who lives in Penistone, recently thought of Kirkwood when arranging a bake sale at his school in memory of his Grandpa.

Dylan Jenkins recently decided to give back to the Hospice that cared for his Grandpa by organising his very own fundraiser at his school.

Along with his friend, Dylan decided to hold a bake sale with them both choosing their own charities to split all proceeds between.

Dylan chose to raise the money for Kirkwood after his grandpa was cared for at the end of his life back in March this year.

Planning the bake sale required the help of his trusty grandma, who spent hours baking delicious treats to sell on the day.

Dylan’s grandma, Liz Jenkins, has been volunteering at the Kirkwood Denby Dale Shop for the last five years and is aware of the services it provides.

On the day, Dylan and his friends sold delicious home baked treats and cakes for all their friends and teachers to enjoy and raised an amazing £112!

Dylan was delighted to present Kirkwood Auxilary Nurse Sonam Thapa with the cheque of £106 at a very special cheque presentation last Saturday.


When asked why he wanted to support Kirkwood, Dylan said: “I wanted to make lots of money for Kirkwood so you can expand and help more people!

“I remember coming to see my grandpa when he was awake, before he went to sleep.”

Dylan spent time at Kirkwood visiting his grandpa with his family. Liz added: “It was beautiful at Kirkwood in March. I remember it being warm and sunny, before the daffodils were out.”

Media and Marketing Officer, Nicola Barber, was delighted to meet Dylan and Liz on Saturday 28th September at Kirkwood.

Nicola said: “It was so lovely to meet Dylan and hear all about his wonderful fundraising for Kirkwood. Young people are our future ambassadors and it’s fantastic to see someone as young as Dylan so engage with Kirkwood!

“Thank you so much to Dylan, Liz and everyone involved in the bake sale at Dylan’s school.”

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