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13 Sep 2019 Community

Antique item from 1878 raises £450 for Kirkwood

Dedicated Kirkwood volunteer, Terry Evans, thought of Kirkwood when selling an antique item dating way back to 1878. Selling the item raised an astonishing £450 for patient care.

Terry Evans, from Gledholt, has been volunteering for Kirkwood for just over three years and has always had a passion for antique and vintage items with the ability to spot valuable items.

In January 2016, Terry’s close friend, Alyson, died at Kirkwood after spending a week on the In-Patient Unit. Terry was overwhelmed with the care Alyson and her family had received so she decided to enquire about volunteering. 

Terry said: “I was always aware of how extraordinary the work is that Kirkwood does.

“Alyson was in the Hospice at the end of her life, and her son’s dog was with her the whole time which I know meant a lot to her and her family.

“The quality of care she received until her death was remarkable.”

 Terry's friend, Alyson


Terry dedicated two and a half years to support Kirkwood’s eBay team, but more recently over the past few months she has been spending her time arranging beautiful flowers to be placed around the Hospice to bring a smile to the faces of patients, families, employees and other volunteers.

Back in December 2016, Terry’s neighbour and good friend of 30 years, John Brook, died of a heart attack. John had been a great support to Terry throughout Alyson’s long illness and loved hearing tales of Kirkwood’s eBay sales.

Over the years, John built up an amazing collection of antiques and unusual items. John left a request in his will for the contents of his house to be sold to benefit his chosen charities, one of them being Kirkwood.

 Terry's friend, John


“John’s nephew knew I volunteered at Kirkwood and was kind enough to suggest that I cherry picked the house contents before John’s home was cleared.

So far, Terry has raised over £2,000 from selling vintage china, books, silver and collectable items via Kirkwood’s eBay store. The sale of John’s house furniture also raised another £1500 for Kirkwood.

“In a drawer was an amazing carved wooden item and I could tell it was valuable, I explained this to John’s nephew and he was happy for me to research the item and sell it for Kirkwood.”

On Tuesday 11th June this year, The Antique Roadshow stopped off at Lytham Hall in Lancashire and although it was a rainy day, Terry was quick to join the long queue to get the special item valued by the experts.

Terry said: “After lots of rainy queuing, Ronnie Archer-Morgan was very excited and felt that the item, and me, should be included in the show!”

Terry was delighted to learn that the item was called a ‘Love Token’, with the initials A+A carved in to the anchor, dating back to approximately 1878 and was most probably carved on board a sailing ship as a betrothal token.  Ronnie Archer-Morgan valued the item between £600 and £800!

Terry said: “After finding out how much it was worth, I then set about trying to sell it. After a lot advice from dealers in folk art, I finally made £450 which has been donated to Kirkwood.”

Terry and the Love Token will be making their appearance on The Antique Roadshow later this year, so keep a look out!

 The antique item 'Love Token' 

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