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5 Oct 2017 Business Buddies

Black Cat means good luck for Hospice funding!

Stalwart supporters of Kirkwood Hospice for over five years, Black Cat Fireworks of Crosland Hill, recently organised their very own ‘marathon with a difference’ to raise funds, as well as making Kirkwood their chosen charity for 2017.

Established in 1891, the local company have been supplying fireworks to major retailers in the UK for over 120 years and generously supporting the Hospice for a number of years.

On Wednesday, 6th September, a team of seventeen dedicated employees took part in the 78 mile Triple Marathon Challenge to raise £1,000  for Kirkwood Hospice.

The Team at Black Cat Fireworks join together for an explosive fundraiser.


Taking it in turns, the willing entrants repeatedly ran, walked, skipped or jumped their way around a selected half a mile course on the company’s premises, regularly keeping track of their laps to ensure the distance was covered throughout the day. 

Not new to the Fundraising game, over the past five years, Black Cat have organised 10k runs and special firework displays with all proceeds going towards the care and treatment of Hospice patients with life-limiting conditions.

Already planning for the future, the Black Cat team are looking at items on the Hospice’s Wish List as a goal to aim towards for further fundraising ventures.

Kate Gibson-Drury, HR Manager at Black Cat Fireworks, was delighted to see so many employees committed to supporting the Hospice in its 30th year.

She said: “We decided to hold the Triple Marathon Challenge to support Kirkwood Hospice and raise money in its Anniversary year. It was great to see everyone getting involved throughout the day and doing their bit.”

“Kirkwood Hospice is a local charity so everybody wants to support it. Every year, we put a vote out to staff for who they want to support as Charity of the Year and this year, especially with it being the 30th Anniversary, everybody chose Kirkwood.

Kirkwood Hospice's Kate Leadbeater with Black Cat General Manager, Austin Brown, and HR Manager, Kate Gibson-Drury.


“We recently heard that one of our previous employees is actually in Kirkwood at the moment. We went to visit him at the Hospice and that has driven us on even more to support him and his family.”

General Manager at Black Cat, Austin Brown said: “The Triple Marathon Challenge has been a great way to support a local charity, as well as supporting the fitness and well-being of our employees!”

Black Cat Fireworks’ Factory Shop will be open for business every day from Wednesday 18th October through to Bonfire Night, including both evenings and weekends. The Team will also be doing a special sparkler promotion with all proceeds going to Kirkwood Hospice. For more information, please visit: www.blackcatfireworks.co.uk

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