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19 Jun 2020 Care

Father’s Day - Laura’s story

This Father’s Day, we are celebrating all the wonderful fathers and father figures who have touched our lives by paying tribute to them on our special dedication page. Today, Laura from the Fundraising Team shares her beautiful story…

“Dad was a very stubborn man. He was kind, caring and considerate but he was stubborn too! Initially, he would not consider the option of going to Kirkwood. He had misconceptions about what hospices are and the thought of being admitted to one filled him with dread.

"It took quite a long time for me to persuade him that he should give Kirkwood a go. I knew that he would love everything about the Hospice; the nurses, the gardens, the peaceful serenity.

"By April in 2019, Dad had been ill for two years. His pain was increasingly making him uncomfortable so much so that he stopped eating and began rapidly losing weight. He eventually agreed to go to Kirkwood so the Hospice could manage his pain.

"Dad spent a total of 5 weeks at Kirkwood. The amazing staff controlled his pain and managed his symptoms. He began to enjoy food again. He was now very weak and wasn’t able to eat huge amounts. So the Catering Team would serve him smaller portions so that his meals were not overwhelming. He particularly loved the homemade fish and chips!

"With Dad now more comfortable with his pain being controlled, he wanted to come home to familiar surroundings with his family around him. The Hospice organised this and Dad was able to spend the last 2 weeks of his life at home in comfort and peace. A Kirkwood Community Nurse called every day for these two weeks and gave us all the mental strength to cope in the final few days of Dad’s life.

"I don’t feel Kirkwood could have done any more for my family. I will be forever grateful. I shall be remembering my stubborn, funny, loving Dad today thankful that he was able to die with dignity and peace because of the angels at Kirkwood.”

To pay your Father’s Day tribute, click here.

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