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1 May 2019 Community

Fundraising to say thank you to Kirkwood

17-year-old, Liv Robson, recently raised £940 for Kirkwood to say thank you for the care her stepdad, Glenn Robson, is currently receiving.

Liv Robson, of Liversedge, has recently raised an amazing £940 for Kirkwood as a thank you for the care they provide.

Liv’s stepdad, Glenn Robson, was diagnosed with a tumour on the left side of his brain four years ago and underwent surgery to remove it; however surgeons were only able to remove 30%.

A recent scan in November 2018 showed Glenn’s brain tumour had turned cancerous and he was given six months to live.

Since then, Glenn and his family have accessed a number of Kirkwood’s services, including the 24-hour Advice Line and family support.

Glenn recently spent 10 days on the In-Patient Unit at Kirkwood for symptom management and was discharged to be with his family on Thursday 11th April.

The news of Glenn’s illness becoming terminal inspired Liv to raise money for Kirkwood to thank them for the care and support Glenn and his family have been receiving, through an online giving page.

Glenn with Community Fundraiser, Joanna Doherty, and two Kirkwood Nurses


The page received donations from Glenn and Liv’s friends and family, and included a large donation from Liv’s college.

Liv is currently a student at the Kirklees College Hair and Beauty Department in Dewsbury and she asked both her teachers and course friends to get involved through a variety of fundraisers.

Liv’s teacher, Pippa Hadley, was very keen to help Liv in any way she needed. She said: “I spoke to Liv after she found out about Glenn and asked her how as a college could we support her. Her response was to just help her fundraise.”

Pippa has had personal connections with Kirkwood herself and is exceptionally proud to see one of her students become so passionate about fundraising for a local cause.

As part of the fundraising, the Hair and Beauty Department invited clients in over a two day period for treatments with all proceeds going to Liv’s GoFundMe page.

Liv and Joanna holding the cheque surrounded by her course friends at Kirklees College


With the support of Kirkwood, the Robson family are now taking each day as it comes and cherishing their moments together.

When talking about the fundraising, Liv’s mum, Eileen, said: “I’m so proud of Liv for putting all this effort in.”

Community Fundraiser, Joanna Doherty, recently paid a visit to Kirklees College to present Liv and her course friends with a cheque.

Joanna said: “Liv is an inspiration to us all here at Kirkwood. It’s amazing that she’s decided to raise money as a thank you for the care we have already given her stepdad Glenn and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you so much to everyone who donated.”

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