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3 May 2019 Community

Generous donation from local family

Kirkwood was delighted to receive a recent donation from Sharon Kingswood and her family to purchase two bladeless fans for use on the In-Patient Unit.

Sharon Kingswood and her family generously donated to fund the cost of two bladeless fans for the In-patient Unit after the care her dad received.

Sharon’s dad, Alan, spent the final days of his life at Kirkwood before he died in January.

Sharon said: “Before to coming to Kirkwood, Dad had been in hospital where it was a real struggle to manage his pain and symptoms. At Kirkwood, they made him comfortable and he was able to spend his final days with some quality of life.

Sharon and her family in the Kirkwood Garden


“Whilst Dad was at Kirkwood, we had a conventional fan with blades in his room to keep the temperature down. This fan was quite noisy and the whirring of the blades made Dad uncomfortable.

“When we informed the nurses, they provided us with a bladeless fan, which was so much better and did not make a sound at all.

“As a family, we wanted to help other patients so we chose to make a donation so Kirkwood could purchase a couple of additional fans. We know that they will be put to good use.

“We will always be grateful for what Kirkwood did for our family. Kirkwood is such an important local facility. You hope that you never need it but you know that it is always there if you do.”

Wasim Hussain with Sharon and her family


Wasim Hussain, Trusts and Legacies Fundraiser, said “We’re extremely grateful to Sharon and her family for their thoughtfulness.

“The bladeless fans are ideal for a healthcare setting like Kirkwood as they are very quiet so they do not disturb patients.  They are easy to keep clean, which is important for infection control purposes.

“Along with the gift from Sharon and her family, we’ve been able to secure additional funding so we now have enough bladeless fans for every bed on the In-Patient Unit.” 

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