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19 Sep 2019 Community

Holmfirth Tractor Club trek across Yorkshire for Kirkwood!

Back in July, eleven local farmers took to the bumpy roads of Yorkshire from Holmfirth to Scarborough in their vintage tractors and raised a staggering £3,827.25 for Kirkwood.

Earlier this year, local farmer Lorraine Osborn and members of the Holmfirth Tractor Club began preparation for their fourth annual Charity Tractor Run. This year, Kirkwood were delighted to be their chosen charity of the run from Holmfirth to Scarborough.

Lorraine said: “This year we looked at Kirkwood Hospice after finding out that they provide end of life care in people’s homes, not just in the Hospice. The Kirkwood Specialist Nurses provide the care out in the community and what a fantastic and needed service they provide. Kirkwood is there for you when you need it, 24/7.

“The group were very pleased with the decision to choose Kirkwood this year as many of us have experienced the services personally, or know people who have.”

Early on a dry and windy Sunday morning, the locals gathered at the Red Lion pub in Jackson Bridge to wave the tractors off on their 220-mile round trip.

Driving at a steady speed of 12mph, their journey took them to beautiful scenic spots across the Yorkshire Coast including Filey and even a quick stop off at the Flower of May Vintage Fairground Museum.

The group finally arrived at the popular Seaside Resort, Scarborough, and were greeted by the local Deputy Mayoress, Roberta Swiers, and Kirkwood’s very own fundraisers!

 Holmfirth Tractor Club members with the Deputy Mayoress and Kirkwood Fundraisers

 A selection of the Tractors parked up on Scarborough beach.


Lorraine and members were delighted with the support from the local communities at every village, town and campsite they stopped at.

Lorraine said: “Whilst we were out and about walking in Filey, we heard a lady shouting for our attention so we stopped to speak to her; she said she couldn’t go past a Kirkwood Hospice bucket without putting something in. The lady then told us that her sister was cared for and passed away at Kirkwood last year.”

Other donations came flooding in from family members, friends and strangers who were just passing by.

Lorraine said: “At our halfway point, we stayed over at South Newlands Farm campsite where one of our member’s sister, Pat, served up a delicious home-cooked evening meal of stew and dumplings.

“The couple who owned the campsite, Rodney and Peggy, never charged us for camping on both nights and kindly donated £50 to add to our bucket collection.”

On Saturday 6th July, the group finally arrived back to their hometown of Holmfirth and were overwhelmed with the amount of money and support they had received along the way.

Back in August at their monthly meetings, Kirkwood Community Fundraiser, Julia Own, was presented with a cheque for an astounding £3827.25!

 Lorraine and the Club presenting Kirkwood's Community Fundraiser Julia Owen with their donation.


Julia said: “We cannot thank Lorraine and the club enough for all that they have done to raise such an incredible amount of money for Kirkwood; this will make such a difference to the care we provide here at Kirkwood.

“Not only have they raised this fantastic amount of money, but they have proudly raised awareness of Kirkwood across Yorkshire. We really hope to see the club and their tractors again very soon!”

We would like to thank Lorraine for both organising and driving, along with her husband David Osborn, John Edinburgh, Wayne Armitage, Stuart Waddington, Dave Auckland, Philip Addy, Jeff Kaye, Adam Knight, Colin Wragg and Mick Green.

The Holmfirth Tractor Club would like to thank Longley Farm in Holmfirth for sponsoring their 2019 Charity Tractor Run.   

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