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8 Aug 2018 Community

It’s A Knockout for Direct Blinds

Two teams of ten from Direct Blinds will be taking part in Kirkwood Hospice’s world famous It’s A Knockout event this September.

It’s A Knockout is returning to Huddersfield this Autumn at the DRAM Sports and Community Centre, Dalton for Kirkwood’s latest action-packed fundraising event.

Left to Right: Sean Lewis, Darren Richards, Tom White, Myles Samuda, Stacey Dyson and Emma Dilucia to take on 'It's A Knockout'


Hurling yourself over giant inflatables and getting covered in foam, It’s A Knockout is the perfect way to bring colleagues, family and friends together for a fun day of games and team building.

Next day blinds company, Direct Blinds, based in Lockwood are putting forward two teams of ten for this year’s event.

Captained by Direct Blinds employee, Tom White, Team ‘Peaky Blinders’ will go head-to-head with Team ‘Blind over Matter’ who will be led by Team Captain Myles Samuda.

Tom White and Myles Samuda represent their teams.


Getting her teams in line is Direct Blinds Customer Services Manager, Emma Dilucia, who has lots planned for this year’s fundraising.

Employees are leading an initiative to fill Smarties tubes with 20 pence pieces which if filled to the top, can fit £12.80 per tube.

The teams are also selling football cards to raise the £600 sponsorship needed to take part in the event, as well as planning a tombola and cake sale for later this Summer.

Only one month into their fundraising, the company have already had £300 donated from their suppliers, bringing their total to date just shy of £900.

To support Direct Blinds take on It’s A Knockout, please click here.

Interested in signing up your own team? Please visit our event page to find out everything you need to know.

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