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31 Oct 2019 Personal Stories

Jane Ingham’s Memorial Service

Last Wednesday evening, a very special memorial service was held at Kirkwood Hospice to remember a much loved lady, Jane Ingham, who died at Kirkwood on 23rd October 1994.

Exactly 25 years later, Jane’s husband, David, along with close family and friends, gathered at the Hospice to commemorate the anniversary of Jane’s death.

Jane was only 32 years old when she died. As well as David, she was survived by two young sons, Andrew and Christopher.

Funeral Celebrant, Christine Freeman, who led the memorial ceremony, paid a touching tribute to Jane. Christine said: “Many years have passed since Jane died but she is still remembered very fondly by all those who knew her. Her life was not long enough but the legacy she left lives on. Andrew and Christopher now have children of their own who Jane would have doted upon. She would have made a wonderful Grandma. Although she is no longer a visible part of her family, her love lives on.”

David said: “I can still remember Kirkwood’s compassion when Jane was a patient. The boys were very young at the time and the Hospice allowed us to say a proper goodbye to our wife and mum, which we will always be grateful for. We had a sad but lovely evening at Kirkwood commemorating Jane’s life and everything she achieved in her 32 years.”

Kirkwood fundraiser, Wasim Hussain, said: “It was a real privilege for us to host this special evening in Jane’s memory. We are thankful to David for allowing Kirkwood to be involved in this poignant occasion.”

 David and Jane with their two boys

David with his two sons at Jane's special memorial service

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