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15 Jun 2019 Personal Stories

Katie and Emma set to lace up in memory of amazing Dad

With the Midnight Memory Walk fast approaching, sisters Katie Robinson and Emma Pawson are set to join hundreds of other families to remember their amazing Dad, Barry Robinson.

Huddersfield sisters Katie and Emma will be staying up late next weekend as they lace up for Kirkwood’s 10 mile Midnight Memory Walk. This is the first time they’ve taken part, and it’s all in memory of the man who they say had the most amazing smile.

“Dad was the most amazing person, everybody loved him.” said Katie. “He was known for always having a big smile on his face and was such a lovely person to be around. 

“For Emma and I, he was the font of all knowledge and our biggest fan. He believed we could achieve anything we wanted and gave us everything he could along the way.”

In 2008, Barry was diagnosed with bowel cancer and underwent surgery. Following the surgery, he endured relentless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. During this time, Katie said “he still kept his well-known smile”.

The treatment gave Barry precious time with his family, including welcoming his first Grandson’s in to the world. But sadly, six years after his initial diagnosis he was admitted to Intensive Care at the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. And that’s when Kirkwood stepped in to support him and his family.

“Dad was in the Hospice for just over a week.” said Katie.

“As a family, we felt so comfortable being there with him. Kirkwood gave us somewhere to sleep, eat, laugh, cry, hide away from the real world and just enjoy those final moments with Dad.”

Barry Robinson (left) with his daughters Emma (top right) and Katie (bottom right).


Katie can still remember the little things that the team at Kirkwood were able to do for her dad, Barry, and their family.

“I remember Dad’s friends were able to visit, and even snuck in a cheeky drop of whiskey to toast his life. His beloved dog and best friend, Nala, was even allowed to come and spend some time with him and say her goodbyes.

“The Hospice is like a safe haven for so many in such a time of need, taking you out of the real world for a short period of time and allowing you to focus only on the things that truly matter at that moment in time.

“My memories of that last week are made so much better by the fact that Dad was in a place where he felt calm, comfortable and so very loved. I can never ever thank Kirkwood enough for the memories of those last days with Dad.”

This year, Katie, along with her sister Emma, will be donning their special Midnight Memory Walk t-shirts to take part in Kirkwood’s biggest ever walk.

“It will be lovely to be surrounded by people in a similar situation who are all remembering their loved ones, and to feel we can give a little in return for the amazing things that Kirkwood did for us.” said Katie.

“A 10 mile walk hardly seems to do justice for what Kirkwood Hospice has done for us. I mean, how can something you do in a few hours ever repay the levels of support they offer so many people in the Huddersfield area?”

If you’d like to join Katie, Emma and hundreds of other families at this year’s Midnight Memory Walk, registration is open until midnight on Sunday 16th June. You can click here to sign up.

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