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1 Oct 2019 Community

Kirkwood awarded GOLD in Yorkshire in Bloom

Kirkwood was delighted to win the prestigious GOLD award at the Yorkshire in Bloom ceremony on Tuesday 13th September for the second year running. The beautiful Kirkwood gardens also scooped up joint first in the Charitable Establishments Category.

Over the last 12 months, since Kirkwood’s first entry to the Yorkshire in Bloom competition, the Facilities Team and Volunteer Gardeners have worked hard to secure the highest prize for a second year running.

Yorkshire in Bloom, which is part of the RHS Britain in Bloom, is the largest horticultural campaign in Europe and involves a range of groups and organisations that strive to create lasting improvements to local environments.

Kirkwood was entered into the Charitable Establishments Category and was delighted to win joint first with Barnsley Hospice.


This year, Facilities Co-ordinator Sue Wood along with the Volunteer Gardeners have dedicated many hours of time and effort to develop the vast range of plants and flowers over the course of the year, to ensure the garden is of the highest standard no matter what the season.

The gardens at Kirkwood provide a safe space for patients and families to spend time in, making memories and relaxing with loved ones.

The In-Patient Unit includes a private terrace for each room, that overlooks the gardens and many find comfort in sitting out and taking in the scenery.

Sue and her team along with local businesses put a huge amount of time and effort into creating beautiful planters to sit around the private terraces. This has enabled patients and their families to spend time gardening on their terrace if they wish.


Throughout 2019, the team have introduced smaller planters to the front of the Hospice along with summer bedding and hanging baskets. In addition to this, the creation of a new herb garden and increased production of vegetables means out Catering Team have fresh home-grown ingredients to serve on a daily basis!

On Tuesday 13th September, Sue and two volunteers attended the ceremony in York to receive the award. Sue said: “Our win is a combination of 10 months hard work by our Volunteer Gardeners in preparing the patient planters for urgent repair and replanting to improve and maintain the look of the whole garden.

“The judges were very impressed with the choice of plants in the planters and the effort it took to undertake this large piece of work.


“Once the weather improves we have a busy few weeks planting up winter interest plants and new additional spring bulbs for the driveway and planters. The volunteers will also be improving our composting capacity and introduce another secluded seating area.

“I have been honoured to work with a creative, dedicated & dynamic team of volunteers.”

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