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8 Feb 2018 Care

Kirkwood Hospice Workshop aims to extend Reach and end Stigma

On the morning of Thursday 8th February 2018, a workshop was held between Kirkwood Hospice and Kirklees-wide local groups and healthcare organisations with the aim to discuss a model of collaborative working and to extend reach into different communities not currently accessing care.

Always at the forefront of our minds at Kirkwood is the Hospice mission to extend reach into diverse communities and to challenge existing stigmas.

We want as many people as possible to be able to access our services at the end of life and a workshop held at the Hospice in February aimed to do exactly that.

Joined by local groups and organisations such as CHART Kirklees, Locala, On-Trak, Homelessness Links, Community Links, the Huddersfield Mission and St Matthew’s Centre, Kirkwood discussed access into diverse groups in our community such as the homeless, individuals with drug or alcohol problems and those living with mental health issues.

The workshop gave organisations the opportunity to understand each other’s services and get to know one another while planning for the future to identify wider needs around End of Life Care and ways in which Kirkwood Hospice could provide support.

Through potential for education, training and the need for Kirkwood Clinical Ambassadors to spread the word of our service, Kirkwood Hospice are looking forward to working together in partnership in the future.

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