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11 Jan 2019 Care

Kirkwood responds to NHS Long Term Plan

Earlier this week, the Government published its Long Term Plan for the NHS. In response, Michael Crowther, Chief Executive at Kirkwood Hospice, said:

“We welcome the NHS’s commitment to providing extra funding for primary medical and community health services over the next five years.

“We are also pleased to note the plan’s focus on the importance of bringing different professionals together to better coordinate care. Kirkwood works closely with many local partners and is working on a number of projects alongside our local Clinical Commissioning Groups to improve the care experience for local people affected by all life limiting illnesses. 

“The increase in funding recognises the immense challenge being faced by health services in the local community. Over 3,000 people in Kirklees are living with one or more life limiting illnesses, and with an ageing population, this figure will continue to rise in the future – as will the complexity of people’s illnesses.

“We will continue to work closely with our local health and social care partners to ensure that anyone affected by any life limiting illness has access to the very best care and support, from diagnosis to the end of life.

“We also commend the NHS’s ambition to make sure that more people are supported to live independently at home for longer. Here at Kirkwood, we provide personalised care across Kirklees, helping people to remain in the place where they feel most comfortable.

“We are working hard at Kirkwood to support the reduction of unnecessary hospital admissions for people with life limiting illnesses. We hope that through the introduction of better training, the NHS and its partners will be able to support more families to live independently, and when the time comes, to die in the place which is most appropriate for them.

“Kirkwood’s services are supported by and embedded in the local communities which we serve, offering individualised care. We welcome that the Government’s Long Term Plan for the NHS recognises the needs of the individual and that personalised care is often best supported in their local environment.”

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