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17 May 2019 Community

Local gym takes over the Midnight Memory Walk warm up

Huddersfield based gym, Energie Fitness for Women, is set to take over Kirkwood’s 2019 Midnight Memory Walk warm up as they look to create an electric atmosphere for over 1,000 before they set off on this year’s journey.

It’s the first time that Energie Fitness, based in Huddersfield Town Centre, have led the warm up, but their team have been fantastic supporters of the event for many years.

The Midnight Memory Walk has become a yearly event for three members of staff and between 10-15 gym members to take part.

Club manager, Nicola Dennis, talks about the reason they take part in the walk. She said: “It’s a charity close to a lot of the ladies hearts. We have a lot of members who have had partners or family members that have used Kirkwood’s services.

Club Manager, Nicola, (left) with Amy Gallagher (right)


“We like to do it because we know it’s for Kirkwood. We really enjoy it; it’s a really nice event.

“It’s nice being able to read people’s T-shirts and who they’re walking in memory of. It inspires me to get round the route because I know I’m helping people like them.”

The ladies only gym regularly support Kirkwood through a variety of fundraisers, so adding the warm up at the Midnight Memory Walk was the perfect way to complete their fundraising calendar this year.

Participants at the 2018 Midnight Memory Walk


Nicola said: “We’d like to make the warm a party and have music to encourage everyone to sing along to and join in. It’ll have the party atmosphere people can warm up to at the same time.

“Because we’ve walked it for so many years and seen other gyms doing the warm up, from a fitness point of view we just really wanted to put our take on it.”

Nicola will be taking on the warm up with colleague and fitness trainer, Chrissie, who has previously worked as a holiday rep and will most certainly bring the personality they desire to the warm up.

There’s still time to sign up to Kirkwood’s biggest fundraising event of the year> To be a part of something amazing, click here.

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