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9 Jan 2020 Community

Meet Kirkwood’s 2019 Calendar Competition winners!

No matter what the season, the stunning surroundings of Kirklees makes for the perfect photo and many budding photographers capture it in the most unique ways. The annual Kirkwood calendar is the perfect way to showcase Kirklees’ finest scenery and support Kirkwood.

The annual Kirkwood calendar has become a collectable for many people across Kirklees, due to the beautiful images of their local surroundings.

Every year, the Kirkwood team runs a photography competition, inviting the local community to enter their images for a chance to feature, with all proceeds of the calendar going towards supporting anyone affected by a life limiting illness.

Last year’s competition was a huge success and the winners for the 2020 annual Kirkwood calendar were invited down to the Hospice to collect their copies.

Maureen Hirst, of Bradley, was amongst the 2019 winners with her entry featuring June.

Maureen said: “I enjoy taking photos around Holmfirth and Marsden. This is the first time I’ve entered the competition. My Husband’s brother died at Kirkwood in 2017. Kirkwood made the end of his life that little bit easier. Kirkwood just help so many people.

“My brother also takes part in the MMW every year, so I just thought I would take part in this competition to support Kirkwood.

“I have already bought a number of calendars as gifts for family and friends, including my Daughter-in-Law’s Mum who lives in Hong Kong!”

Sandie and Maureen


Five time competition winner, Sandie Nicholson, of Honley, was delighted to have her entry featured in the Kirkwood calendar again this year as August. One of Sandie’s entries this year was also featured in Kirkwood’s Personalised Christmas Cards campaign.

Sandie said: “I first entered the competition in 2014 and also put my photos forward for the personalised cards. I don’t have a personal connection with Kirkwood, but I have heard about all of the good work they do.

“I just love taking photos of the local countryside and sharing them; if my photos can be enjoyed as well as raising funds for Kirkwood then that’s great.”

 Carol Kitson, of Golcar, decided to enter for the first time as Kirkwood cared for her Dad, Gordon, back in 2011. Carol’s friend showed her the competition and as Carol loves taking photos, she was delighted to have her photos featured as July, September and December!

Carol with her winning entry


Carol said: “It’s nice to give something back, the staff are wonderful. It’s the finer details as nothing was too much trouble.

“I just feel privileged to have been chosen, especially three photos! I’d also like to say how fantastic all of the other photos are; well done to everybody! I am going to spread the word to my family and friends. Everyone should by the Kirkwood calendar!”

Carol’s mum, Pat, added: “Our young grandchildren placed their Grandad’s favourite flowers, Sweet Peas, in the entrance of Kirkwood. All of the nurses and staff commented how lovely it was.”

Vinny Tyrell, who lives in Almondbury, entered for the second time and was delighted to win January’s spot in the calendar.

Vinny said: “I’ve had a few friends cared for by Kirkwood. I enjoy supporting the Hospice because it is a good cause. Holmfirth is one of my favourite places to walk and take photos. I always make sure I’ve got my camera with me. It makes you feel good to be able to share your photos and support a local cause.”

Vinny and Sue with their photos


Sue Dillingham, also from Almondbury, won the competition for the second time with her photo featuring in February.

Sue said: “I love walking in the countryside in the local area and around the UK when my husband and I go away in the caravan. On the day I took the photos, there were lovely blue skies.

“I haven’t had a connection with Kirkwood, but I have always supported it because it’s a local cause. I also love the charity shops! It is just nice to be able to share photos.”

Also featured in this year’s calendar in the month of May, Rowena Chantler, of Golcar, entered for the first time. She said: “In February last year, one of my best friends, aged 44-year-old, spent her final days at Kirkwood. Her time on the In-Patient Unit was comfortable and everyone was so nice and lovely.

“Along with close friends, we made a pact to always support Kirkwood. I have taken part in the Midnight Memory Walk for the last two years and we plan on doing this every year in her memory. When I found out I had won a place in Kirkwood’s 2020 calendar it made me smile. Photography is just something I enjoy doing.”

Darren Waite won both March and November after entering for the second year running. He said: “I was really pleased when I found out that two of my photos had been selected this year.

Darren Waite


“My friend, Peter Kennedy, died at Kirkwood two years ago. To say thank you, I will always want to support Kirkwood. Photography is just something I enjoy doing, and if my photos can help raise some funds then that’s great.”

Kirkwood’s Media and Marketing Officer, Ella Howarth, entered for the first time and won the front cover with her photo of the Kirkwood garden.

Ella with her winning photo


Ella said: “Since starting working at Kirkwood, I’ve loved photographing the different seasons in the garden and how beautiful it looks no matter what day you look at it. Knowing the garden is a special place for so many patients and families, it is a privilege to have my photo feature on the front cover.”

The annual photography competition will be making an appearance later this year, keep an eye out on our social media pages for details on how to enter!

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