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8 Apr 2020 Care

Michael Crowther responds to the Government’s funding pledge to support hospices

Kirkwood Chief Executive Michael Crowther has this evening welcomed the Government’s promise to increase funding for hospices across the UK in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

As part of this evening’s (8th April) address to the nation, Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed a £750m package for UK charities. Specifically, he announced up to £200m of funds have been allocated to support hospices across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In his statement, Mr Sunak said: “This unprecedented funding recognises the vital role that hospices play in supporting the NHS in its fight against COVID-19, and means hospices across the country can keep providing beds, specialist clinical care and staffing to relieve pressure on the NHS at this critical moment.”

In response, Kirkwood’s Chief Executive, Michael Crowther, said: “We would like to thank the Government for their pledge to support hospices during this challenging time for everyone across the UK.

“Its pledge to inject up to £200m of funds for hospices highlights the vital role we play in providing essential care for vulnerable people who are approaching the end of life.

Michael Crowther, Kirkwood Chief Executive


“Kirkwood is playing a key part in the fight against coronavirus, offering critical support to the healthcare sector and ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our local communities continue to receive the very best, compassionate care.

“We are working side by side with our NHS colleagues during this pandemic, and the promise of additional funding recognises the vital role we are playing.

“Kirkwood has had to adapt quickly to the coronavirus situation, developing innovative new ways to meet the challenges we are facing. We’re already investing in equipment for our In-Patient Unit and using technology to keep in touch with our community-based patients, who may be isolated. 

“At the same time, our ability to generate funds has been severely compromised, so today’s announcement is a welcome boost.

“At Kirkwood, 80% of our funding comes from the generous support we receive from our local community. Without regular income streams from events, shops, gifts in wills and general donations, the impact on this crisis could be extremely challenging.

“Today’s funding announcement allows us to continue planning our response and ensures we can continue to support the most vulnerable people across our community as we work hand in hand with our NHS colleagues in the battle against COVID-19.

“Despite the promise of Government funding, we will continue to rely heavily on support from our local community in the coming weeks and months.

“Today’s announcement offers some relief and hope for the future, but we will need our community more than ever as we seek to develop alternative ways to generate income to care for everyone affected by a life limiting illness across Kirklees – both now and in the future.”

If you can help by making an urgent donation to protect your hospice, and your Kirkwood Nurses, as they protect the most vulnerable in our community, please click here.

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