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16 Dec 2018 Personal Stories

Mike Swinton: Kirkwood’s 50th Tribute Fund

A Tribute Fund is a very special way to honour the life of someone you love. The fund is named after the person you are remembering, and all money is raised for Kirkwood in their memory.

Recently, Brenda Swinton set up a Tribute Fund in loving memory of her husband, Mike. In doing so, the Mike Swinton Tribute Fund became Kirkwood’s 50th fund. In total, our 50 Tribute Funds have contributed a phenomenal £181,253 towards Kirkwood funds.

Brenda reflects on why she has chosen to remember Mike in this way…

Brenda and Mike Swinton


“Initially, Mike did not want to come to the Hospice. He saw the Hospice as another hospital, and Mike’s experience at hospital wasn’t always positive. I can remember this one time when his morphine was late, which meant that he had to endure pain needlessly.

"We knew Kirkwood would be different as soon as the ambulance entered the grounds. When you pull up to the doors, you get a great big hug; they love you.

"Although he‘d had some reservations, Mike instantly fell in love with the place, as did I.

"Whilst he was at the Hospice, his confidence and ability to be Mike grew. My ability to be Mike’s wife, grew. Things became normal again. Kirkwood gave both of us our identity back. Looking back now, this means so much to me.

"During the last moments of his life, he was in a wonderful place emotionally. He was so calm and serene. When he died, I was holding his hand. He said to me “I’m going” and he peacefully drifted off. It was almost as if he chose that very moment himself. It gives me so much comfort that his end was so peaceful.

"Whilst he was at the Hospice, his confidence and ability to be Mike grew. My ability to be Mike’s wife, grew." Brenda Swinton

"We were only married for two years, but he filled my life with joy. He was such a kind and caring man, and as mad as a box of frogs!

"I really loved him. Kirkwood ensured that our final days together were really meaningful. I’ll never forget this.

"I chose to create Mike’s Tribute Fund to keep his memory alive. It’s a beautiful way for me to remember him.” 

To find out more about our Tribute Funds, please click here or contact our Fundraising Team on: 01484 557911

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