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15 Jun 2020 Business Buddies

Minster Law donate £2,000 during the pandemic

Long-term Kirkwood supporters, Minster Law, have generously donated £2,000 towards the costs of technology for the Kirkwood Community Nurses, to ensure they can continue caring for some of the most vulnerable patients in the community.

Right now, Kirkwood Community Nurses are stepping forward, doing whatever it takes to care for some of the most vulnerable patients across Kirklees during the pandemic.

The outbreak of coronavirus meant that many Kirkwood services had to be adapted in order to meet the needs of patients, families and carers.

For the Community Nursing Team, this meant switching to virtual appointments where they could, whilst still ensuring they made home visits to those who needed the support.

Wanting to help make a difference during this difficult time, Minster Law generously offered to donate £2,000 towards equipment and technology for Kirkwood Community Nurses, as part of their Make a Difference scheme.

Alexandra Bastow, Make a Difference Committee, Minster Law Solicitors, said: “It is wonderful for us to support Kirkwood Hospice again, especially during the current pandemic as Corporate Social Responsibility is really important to us all here at Minster Law.

“Due to the current pandemic, the amount of community/ video consultations the Hospice carries out has massively increased, so it is amazing to be able to support the purchase of laptops and technology equipment for the Community Nursing Team.

“We hope that this donation will allow them to carry out the great work that they do and help more and more people within the community that need it.”

Beverley Shaw, Kirkwood’s Fundraising Manager, added: “Our Community Nursing Team are making a real difference to patients and their families living across Kirklees.

“Minster Law genuinely made my day when I received the call from them to say they were supporting us with the purchase of additional laptops for the team to use in their day to day work. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.”

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