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7 Jul 2017 Community

Mirfield man to tackle hills of Huddersfield in 30 mile challenge

Hospice fundraiser Andy Wright has set himself the toughest of challenges this summer as he prepares to take on the hills of Huddersfield in his quest to run 30 miles in a single day.

50 year old Andy, of Mirfield, has already set himself a mammoth goal of running 5,000 miles in just five years in support of Kirkwood Hospice.

His latest effort will see him make flying visits to 12 of the Hospice’s shops dotted around Kirklees before reaching the finish line at the Hospice in Dalton.

Andy said: “The Hospice is celebrating 30 years this year and have been asking people to organise parties. I figured that a really good twist on that would be to run 30 miles in a single day.”

It’s a monumental effort for librarian Andy, and he is encouraging local runners and Kirkwood supporters to get involved too.

Follow Andy's 30 Miles in a Day challenge on Twitter at: @andy5000miles

Andy said: “Running is always better with friends so I’d be delighted if people wanted to join me during the day. I’m not expecting anyone to take on the whole challenge, but it would be great to have some company.

“There are lots of different legs of varying lengths and difficulties, so it’s definitely worth looking at the route if you’d like to join me for a leg or two.”

The winding route will see Andy climb 2,833 feet as he loops his way from Kirkwood’s Byram Street shop in Huddersfield town centre to the Hospice, stopping in at Marsh, Lindley, Milnsbridge, Slaithwaite, Marsden, Meltham, Holmfirth, Honley, Kirkburton, Almondbury and Waterloo along the way.    

“It’s definitely going to be a tough undertaking! If I had looked at the route well enough in advance, I think I might have picked to run in North Kirklees. I am more familiar with that area and it’s not flat, but it’s a lot flatter than the route I have chosen.”

It’s enough to put even the hardiest of marathon runners off, but it’s just another hurdle for Andy to overcome on his 5,000 mile challenge.

“I don’t like to think about having to run 30 or even 5,000 miles. I like to think about it in small, manageable chunks. When I am doing 30 miles in a day, I am doing it over 11 legs. The shortest leg is less than a mile, with the longest about 5 miles.”

Andy joked: “I was teased a little bit by the retail staff at Meltham and Marsden about the hills so that feels just feels like a challenge to me!

Andy has been supporting the Hospice for a number of years and recently held a 50th Birthday party to raise funds for Kirkwood.

"Kirkwood Hospice is the most amazing charity." said Andy. "80% of the money they get comes from people like volunteers and people that are fundraising. I just want to do my bit.

“I really want to run to keep fit and this is a fantastic way to keep myself motivated.”

If you're interested in joining Andy on Saturday 15th July, here's a handy list of timings and places where you can meet him:

  1. Huddersfield to Marsh 09:00
  2. Marsh to Lindley 09:20
  3. Lindley to Slaithwaite 09:30
  4. Slaithwaite to Marsden 10:20
  5. Marsden to Meltham 10:50
  6. Meltham to Holmfirth 11:45
  7. Holmfirth to Honley 12:40
  8. Honley to Kirkburton 13:20
  9. Kirkburton to Almondbury 14:20
  10. Almondbury to Waterloo 14:55
  11. Waterloo to Kirkwood Hospice 15:10

If you would like more information, contact Andy on Twitter @andy5000miles or via his Facebook page Kirkwood5000.

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