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8 Apr 2016 Personal Stories

My Share & Care Group Experience

Ann Berry was the main carer for her husband, John, before his death last year. In her own words, she describes how the Share & Care Group at Kirkwood Hospice helped her to cope more effectively.

“I attended the Share & Care course at Kirkwood Hospice. The three sessions included topics such as: Living with Fatigue, Developing Coping Skills, Helping People to Move Safely, How to Protect Vulnerable Skin, Nutritional Needs and Eating on a Budget.

“I found the first session, which included mindfulness and resilience techniques, the most useful as it helped me to realise that I had all the resources already to cope. That re-assured me.

“Share & Care was my first experience of Kirkwood Hospice. I was made aware of the course after receiving an invitation in the post and I attended all three sessions.

“My husband, John, attended the Kirkwood Hospice Drop-In - which was in the same building - whilst I went to the Share & Care Group. He found Drop-In very useful and everyone welcomed him to the group. He was able to have a drink and a piece of cake and talk to other people.

“Now I have accessed the Hospice, I am more likely to attend other Drop-Ins and the Carers’ Retreat, which is held on the first Wednesday of the month.

“Visiting the Hospice is a good way to get information from other agencies such as Carers Trust, Care Navigators and Carers Count. Sometimes, as a carer, you receive so much information and do not know who to contact for what, so it is nice to meet organisations who can help to pull all this together.”

The Share & Care Group will be running courses again in 2016. The next dates are: 8th, 15th, 22nd April and 3rd, 10th, 24th June (Fridays).

If you would like to take part or find out more, contact Catherine Thompson or Jackie Holmes at the Hospice on: 01484 557900 or click here to visit our Share & Care Group page.

The Share & Care Group is run in partnership with Kirklees Council and Carers Count.

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