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12 Jul 2020 Community

Remembering loved ones this July

Kirkwood’s Sunflower Memories Appeal is a beautiful way to pay tribute someone you love each summer. As this year’s Sunflower Memories event was unable to go ahead yesterday, we wanted to share why many are taking part in the online appeal this July. 

The annual Sunflower Memories Appeal event is a very special day for many. People from all over Kirklees come down to the Kirkwood garden to pay tribute to their loved ones and view a beautiful sea of sunflower plaques dedicated in their names. 

Here are just a few people who are dedicating a sunflower in memory of someone they love this July... 

Kelly Thornton-Lawrence and her family are taking part in the Sunflower Memories Appeal to pay tribute to her dad, who was cared for by Kirkwood at the end of his life in July 2019. 

Kelly said: We support the sunflower appeal as the Kirkwood staff cared for my dad during his final days. We lost him on 25th July 2019.  

“His godson's two little boys who are two & three planted some sunflowers in his garden. Hopefully they will grow big and strong, like my dad was. Kirkwood Hospice provides excellent care and support not only for the patients but the families too. Thank you.” 

Sunflower Memories Appeal 2019


Danni Sara takes part in the appeal as a way of supporting Kirkwood after her good friend was cared for by the team five years ago. 

Danni said: “I support you and the sunflowers memory appeal because you looked after a dear friend of mine up until he took his last breath in 2015. Not only did you support him but you supported his family and us as his friends.” 

Naomi Rama Raybould is taking part in the Sunflower Memories Appeal to remember her beloved partner. Naomi said: “I only lost my partner last September and when I saw the Sunflower Appeal I thought it was rather apt as Shaun loved tinkering in his small little garden area.  

“He would have had the seedlings in his kitchen window. So, seeing whether I can achieve this and actually grow these seeds is a nice way of remembering. Gone but never ever forgotten. Love you as much now as I always did. Rama xxx. Shaun Scott 23rd may 1965 - 22nd September 2019.” 

Plaques - Sunflower Memories Appeal 2019


Katie Tyas takes part in both appeals as a way of paying tribute to her dad. Katie said: “I support you during the appeals as you looked after my dad who passed away on June 15th 2018 you all did an amazing job. I love the Sunflower Memory and Light up a Life Appeal.” 

Michelle Rushby supports the Sunflower Memories Appeal to celebrate her mum and the love she had for her garden. 

Michelle said: “I support the Sunflower Memories Event because the wonderful and caring staff looked after my Mum in her last few weeks of her life as well as supporting us.  

“My mum loved her garden so this event means a lot in many ways and it’s lovely take home a sunflower with her name on. Thank you, Kirkwood Hospice.” 

Dave Bryne takes part in the Appeal as a way to support Kirkwood, after the team cared for his wife at the end of her life. 

Dave said: “I support as much as you can my wife passed away in July 2019. I Can’t thank Kirkwood for making a huge difference to the last 2 weeks of Andrea’s life xx.” 

Emily Osborne is taking part in this year’s Sunflower Memories Appeal to pay tribute to her wonderful Grandma. 

Emily said: “I remember walking around the garden when the weather was nice with my grandma in her wheelchair at the back end. You made some of the hardest moments bearable and as comfortable as possible for us, and I can’t thank you enough for what you did for us.” 

Sunflower Memories Appeal 2019

Denise Kavannagh takes part in the appeal every year and the event has become a very special day for Denise and her granddaughter. 

Denise said: “Within 18months I lost my sister 6 months later I lost my mum and 13 months after that I lost my dad and going to Kirkwood for any event always makes me feel happy that we can remember them in such a special place.  

“I’m going to miss the Sunflower Appeal day, it’s so nice. I usually take my granddaughter and she's loves it, she's only 4.” 

Sadly, due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the event was unable to take place this year. 

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to a very special virtual coffee morning on Saturday 18th July. 

The Sunflower Memories Virtual Coffee Morning will take place via Zoom at 11am next Saturday and it is a chance for us the Kirkwood community to come together virtually. 

For more information, visit the Sunflower Memories Virtual Coffee Morning page here. 

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