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30 Aug 2018 Personal Stories

Richard and Jean’s Story

Richard Melville is living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and has recently started attending Kirkwood’s Breathe Better sessions, along with his wife and carer, Jean.

 During his time at Kirkwood, Richard has enjoyed attending the classes, as well as meeting like-minded people and even finding time to do some gardening as part of Kirkwood’s Grow Group.

Richard said: “I like it because it’s relaxing, there’s very nice people and it’s not over-bearing. It’s lovely.”

Richard enjoying a spot of gardening as part of Grow Group


Jean said: “When you’ve got a breathing problem and can’t get out much, you feel as though you’re isolated and as if you’re the only one going through something. We came here and discovered that everybody feels the same, and it’s quite normal. It was very reassuring to know that.”

“It surprised me first time we came because Richard walked all around the garden, which he hasn’t been doing at home for a long time. I think being in the company of everybody else and feeling secure really helps.”

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