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1 Nov 2018 Community

Sponsored Walk raises £1,062 for Kirkwood Hospice

Kirkwood supporter and waiter at The Spiced Mango in Middlestown, Al Helal, organises a sponsored walk to raise funds for Kirkwood Hospice.

Getting together friends, family, neighbours and fellow supporters of the Hospice, Middlestown man, Al Helal, organised a five mile walk with a difference back in September.

Graced by gorgeous sunshine on the day, the walk passed through Middlestown and its surrounding villages, and ended up at The Spiced Mango restaurant where a well-deserved buffet of Indian food awaited the hungry walkers.

Walkers and friends of The Spiced Mango join together to raise funds for Kirkwood


Through sponsorship and online giving, the walk totalled a fantastic £1,062 in fundraising for Kirkwood.

Al has organised the walk for five years and is already excited to start planning for next year.

He said: “I choose to organise the walk to benefit our community as much as possible. I know what people go through at the Hospice, as I went through it with my parents.

“It’s my moral duty to give back to society and leave a lasting legacy. It’s my way to say thank you.

“The walk is all about making people aware of Kirkwood’s services that are available, having a good time and raising not only money, but also awareness.

“Big thanks go to Ash TV for sponsoring the event, The Spiced Mango for providing food on the day and most of all, to everybody for taking part.”

Event organisers proudly present the cheque for £1,062 to Kirkwood Fundraiser, Lyndsey Wroe


Community Fundraiser for North Kirklees, Lyndsey Wroe, said: “Our supporters raising awareness in the community is just as important to us as raising funds.”

She added: “We are currently doing a lot of work around spreading the word about what Kirkwood do, and the services that we provide.

“Help from our community in getting this message out there is worth its weight in gold. We are so grateful to everybody who took part on the day, to Al and to Mo Ali, owner of The Spiced Mango, for their continued support. Thank you!”

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