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7 Aug 2019 Community

Thinking of Kirkwood

Recent Kirkwood Lottery winner, Tony Haynes, went the extra mile for Kirkwood and donated his winnings of £750 back into patient care, after witnessing first hand the work Kirkwood do for anyone affected by a life limiting illness in Kirklees.

Local Mirfield man, Tony Haynes, decided to generously donate his winnings from the Kirkwood Lottery back into patient care at the Hospice.

Tony has recently seen the care Kirkwood provides to the people of Kirklees after his good friend, Pat, spent her last days on the In-Patient Unit back in June. He has been a member of the Lottery since 2015, after Pat encouraged him to sign up.

Tony said: “Pat was contacted about signing up to the Lottery and she told me I’d better sign up as well. I’ve always supported the Hospice and I thought it was a really good idea. Pat liked the idea of being a member as it’s a nice way to support.

“I’ve never had links with Kirkwood but I was happy to make a charitable contribution. Playing the Lottery is a nice way of doing it and I never expected to win!

Tony in the Kirkwood garden after donating his winnings back into patient care


“When Pat found out she had terminal cancer, she knew she didn’t want to stay at home at the end. She wanted to come to Kirkwood. After spending two weeks in the hospital she came to Kirkwood for symptom management and spent ten days on the In-Patient Unit.

“They managed to get her home but she only managed four days before being re-admitted into Kirkwood. Pat spent another four or five days there before she died.

 “Pat used to work for me many years ago and then we began working together. When she was diagnosed with cancer I would take her to all her hospital appointments as her husband works in Carlisle Monday to Friday. We’ve been very close over the last few years.

“My wife died just over 7 years ago very suddenly from a brain tumour. It was really quite sudden and Pat, she helped me to get over that. She was my rock.

“I’ve never had any experience of a Hospice before, but having seen how Kirkwood treated her I had to give back. It’s a brilliant place, the care she received was amazing and the people are so nice and very understanding.”

When discussing Tony’s generosity, Lottery Manager, Dawn Walker, said: “On behalf of everyone here at Kirkwood, we’d like to thank Tony for his donation, we are so grateful. Tony contributes to the Kirkwood Lottery every month and it’s amazing that he’s thought of us again since winning.

“The Kirkwood Lottery is a great way of supporting patient care in every community across Kirklees.”

The Kirkwood Hospice Lottery gives you the chance of winning up to £1,000 in cash prizes every week!

To become a member of the Kirkwood Lottery, click here.

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