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11 Jul 2019 Community

Why we’re supporting the Sunflower Memories Appeal

The Sunflower Memories Appeal is a beautiful way to celebrate the life of someone you love. This is Hannah’s story:

Margaret Stoakes spent six days at Kirkwood Hospice before she died in 2014. Her granddaughter, Hannah, recalls how Kirkwood helped the family during this time…

“My Grandma wanted to die at home, but when this wasn’t possible she was referred to Kirkwood Hospice who ensured that she was able to die in an environment as close to home as possible.

“The Hospice enabled us to spend those last few days of Grandma’s life together as a family without having to worry about all the practical things as these were all taken care of.

“We were able to just spend quality time with Grandma and love her, which made her feel completely at home. We will always cherish the fact that Grandma had all her family around during her final moments because this was all she ever wanted.

Margaret and her family

“My mum, my aunt and I were able to be at the Hospice around the clock. The three of us basically camped at Kirkwood, day and night, because we wanted to be with Grandma.

“We were able to do this because of the wonderful facilities at the Hospice – my mum and aunt slept in the drop down beds in Grandma’s room and I slept in one of the two quiet rooms, which also double up as overnight rooms for patient visitors. It was like being in a 5 star hotel.

“Grandma’s sense of humour never wavered right up until the end and she shared many jokes with the Kirkwood staff and volunteers. She was very thankful for all the tenderness and kindness they showered her with.

“Grandma was able to die surrounded by love because of the Hospice. Kirkwood made the most difficult situation a million times easier and we will always be indebted to them for this.

“We want other families to benefit from this wonderful and amazing place, which is why we’re supporting the Sunflower Memories Appeal. We think this is a lovely fundraising idea, and we will be dedicating a sunflower in celebration of Grandma’s life.”

There's still time to make a dedication for our Sunflower Memories Appeal. To dedicate a sunflower to someone you love, click here.

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